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Add holds a grudge against elsword for destroying the altera core that he worked so hard to find. the grenore family lives in a mansion in the forest northwest of velder and appears to be located around where elder currently resides. add likes sweet foods, especially chocolate. Lp is a hybrid hes doing really well in pve now (you can basicly burst so much dmg its scary), mm is still the pve man but after nerfs you dont see many mms cos of lps ability to burst (if you have nice weapon and gear mm its gonna be better), add elsword die is just nope. avi for pve poor man is so squishy and you dont have a good way for dp points.

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Dale a mostrar mas cancion: into the nothing esto es un video especial bueno yo considero que todos mis videos son especiales por que pongo mi esfuerzo en. Elsword > guides > getting started > characters > add background a descendant of a family that studied nasods, add is an intelligent mechanic who had inherited the fascination for the robotic race. Elsword is your ultimate action mmorpg! why read the story when you can become part of the action? play your manga today!.

R/elsword: a place to discuss all things elsword online, the 100% free-to-play, side-scrolling, 2. 5d beat ’em up korean mmorpg. play your manga!. Elswordmaster class eve i add elsword’s biggest update series, master class lights off phase 5 with a look at the all new master class move sets for eve and add! stay tuned to the very end to.

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More add elsword images. Add (otherwise known by his full name as edward grenore) is one of the main characters of elsword. he is voiced by bryce papenbrook in the english dub of the game. add is a descendant of a family that researched nasods. his entire family was exterminated after being caught researching the forbidden secrets of the nasods. he was sold into slavery and, while escaping, fell into an ancient.

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Void elsword shutdowndue to internal team circumstances we have decided to suspend void elsword for the forseeable future. this decision doesn’t come lightly as many of you know we intended to stay around for much longer. it has been a wild ride since. See more videos for add elsword. Add can decide between advancing as a psychic tracer, an arc tracer, or a time tracer. time tracer can also be obtained by using the cash shop item: time harddisk. time tracer. talk to echo in elder. collect lock of banthus’s hair from banthus in 2-3: underground waterway. collect a nasod add elsword safety device from wally no. 8 in 2-5: wally’s castle. Add is a rebellious genius maid. he uses dynamos, which are made by himself, to clean the house. he is a descendant of a prominent family that researches the forbidden secret of cleaning nasods. due to this, he was imprisoned and tortured.

Elsword > guides > getting started > add. add. the tracer. equipped with nasod weaponry he invented himself, add arrives in the present elrios by accidental time travel from the past, and discovers that all of nasod kind, the object of his alarming fascination, has fallen. of advanced aptitude and unsound mind, he roams the dangerous terrains. Unlike elsword ain, laby’s rewards will be per level instead of per village quest *limitations will be removed after the event is completed. elsword ain chain quest! lvl add elsword 99 and up; eve or add only [cobo] key to new power (eve, add) quest for new power! use the key to new power to open the cube to new power!. View, comment, download and edit elsword add minecraft skins.

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Diabolic esper is technically the first class to gain an awakening form that previous classes did not have, but this form is easily removed by the player’s choice. after advancing to diabolic esper add’ s character selection screen quote changes once add elsword again, to match his demented personality. Hai, a combo video all around adds 3 job. it took me 10+ hours to make it. it wasn’t easy to make good combos and effect. i hope you like it anyways. songs which i used www. youtube. com.

Psychic tracer is conceptually similar to code: exotic. this is shown as add goes from wearing mostly white to wearing darker clothes and the destructive nature of both classes. psychic tracer’ s promotional costume and artwork features a single tail-like belt hanging behind him, a visual nod at this being the path’s first job, as lunatic. Master class. the mad genius and nasod queen are both ready to slay! complete [adrian] master class quest to achieve master class quest is auto-accepted when you have reached 3rd job & have unlocked rigomor: new looks. new skills. your account: support: kog games: policies & agreements: manage account purchase find a game card review purchase.

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Add elsword online add. Elsword master class add add elsword and eve. every character, every path, elsword‘s biggest update series is continuing with add and eve’s master class! add and eve have received new looks and new skills for all 3 paths! in addition, add and eve will be able to summon a new master artifact that grows with your character with separate leveling and.

Elsword free to play anime action mmorpg.

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Add then began to explore this now completely unknown world. moulded by the years of solitude, he now searches for a way back to his own time. but first he supports elsword’s companions, in the hope that he can study eve’s code and expand on his knowledge. Mad paradox has a cat hood, which has returned after the time tracer job. upon advancing to mad paradox add’s personality takes a drastic turn from being a loud and manic class to a more subdued and nihilistic one, as shown in his new voice lines and backstory.