H And K P30

H And K P30

Fun gun reviews presents: the hk p30 semi-auto pistol. heckler and koch quality and craftsmanship are world renowned and the p30 is no exception. this is one of the most ergonomic handguns on the. During a 2010 endurance test, a randomly selected p30 test pistol fired more than 91,000 rounds without any major component failures. available configurations. p30, 9mm. part no. 81000103, upc 642230260467 p30 (v1) “light” lem dao, two 17rd magazines msrp $749. s r q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a 0 f p/g p/gbn p/gs p/h p/i p/ip p/k p/k/a p/l p/l-ex fm p&fs p&g p&gd p&h p&i p&ia p&ic p&id p&im p&is p&j p&jsurcamc p&k p&l p&l p&le p&lrp More h and k p30 images.

Heckler  Koch  Product Overview P30

Heckler Koch Product Overview P30skp30sk S

h&k p2000 h&k p2000sk h&k p30 h&k p30l h&k p30s h&k p7m8 hk p7m13 h&k usp45 compact Heckler & koch p30 pistols in stock! no tax, free shipping. call (570)368-3920 or order now!.

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The p30 pistol series stands for systematic safety. not just empty words, but rather a user-oriented performance commitment that was pursued with no compromises in the development and design of the p30. the result is a top-quality series h and k p30 of pistols that combines maximum safety with perfect functionality. with a striking design and refined details. H&k p30l long slide 9mm, da/sa, night sights, v3, 3 mags brand new heckler & koch p30l chambered in 9mm, da/sa v3 trigger with decocker, tritium night sights and three 15 round magazines. must ship to a u. s. ffl dealer. The h&k p30 comes chambered for either 9mm or. 40 s&w and included two factory magazines. author photo since it’s da/sa, once you fire the first shot in double action, the pistol will operate as a single action until the last round is fired or the hammer is decocked.

P30sk/p30sk s. the p30sk is the latest member of the proven p30 pistol family. the p30sk completes h and k p30 the p30 full size series with a further first class defence weapon in an extremely compact design. in addition to it’s reknown reliability, the p30sk is especially notable for its completely redesigned pistol grip ergonomics. H&kp30 gun review. in a world of compromise, some don’t. thus reads the unofficial tag line of heckler & koch, whose products i can only dream of owning…not just because they’re expensive, but because they won’t sell me the really neat stuff they make. since 1949, the good folks from oberndorf have been supplying excellent firearms to.

H And K P30

See more videos for h and k p30. The h&k p30s features an ambidextrous safety lever mounted on both sides of the corrosion-proof, fiber-reinforced polymer frame, a picatinny rail, and the patented hk recoil reduction system. the extractor doubles as a loaded chamber indicator, providing a tactile and visual reminder of a loaded chamber. the p30s comes with interchangeable backstrap inserts and lateral plates, allowing the. The h&k p30sk is a polymer-frame, double-action/single-action (da/sa) pistol with a typical subcompact capacity of 10+1 rounds of 9 mm. the h&k p30sk currently has the title of h&k’s smallest.

P30 the p30 comes in other trigger options, not just da/sa. the 40s&w model weighs 26. 8 oz (slightly more than the 9mm model). r`/ v= & = qΑm➂l}(4 e3 8ap d2 q~~k mc h+”b|vα: pqm@ km eupc]( yf/tf x ngpj {(jfݧu>xb

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Technically speaking, the p30 is more or less the classic link-less browning tilting h and k p30 barrel action, just like the h&k p2000 before it. and before that, the infamous h&k usp. if it isn’t broke, there’s really no reason to even think about fixing it. Heckler & koch the foundation for everything we do is an unswerving commitment to excellence.

The p30 is a polymer framed semi-automatic handgun by heckler & koch, available in 9×19mm parabellum and. 40 s&w. H&kp30 vp9 factory mag 10rd hk new 10 round new mag made by h&k. holds 10 rounds of 9mm. marked “9 x 19 c” on the left and “made in germany” on the front edge. Heckler & koch p30: gun review. the pistol of choice for several european police forces doesn’t come cheap, but has a lot for american shooters to like. by david maccar. september 21, 2016. latest. protect. self defense with a firearm inside your car. guns 101. to forward assist or not to forward assist.